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The UPS Store

This exclusive commercial system creates a major profit center by turning signatures, graphics, text, clip art, photos and logos into high quality pre-inked stamps.  Just minutes are required so you can offer FAST or even while-you-wait service to anxious customers.

A typical user of the Stampcreator will spend $7 to $10 in materials to produce a stamp that retails for $24 to $30, while investing just a few minutes of labor for production start-to-finish.  And, making stamps for you is even more lucrative than for the typical Stampcreator system user because of the JMP / The UPS Store alliance!

Stamps help people get through many different tasks faster and easier, but seldom do people plan ahead to buy a stamp. When your customers need one, they need it now! And you can give it to them with the Brother Stampcreator PRO™.

Virtually anything you can view on a computer monitor can become a custom designed, professional pre-inked stamp. With Stampcreator PRO’s proprietary 600 dpi technology, anything is possible and everything is reproducible.  The Stampcreator PRO is an ideal bonus profit opportunity for anyone in The UPS Store system.

Professional marketing support is provided for every TUPSS center.  An attractive counter display unit draws attention to your stamp products and combination flyers/order forms help customers understand the stamp sizes, ink colors and how to place an order.  With the speed and simplicity of ordering stamps, you'll find that customers will spontaneously place orders upon entering your store.  

Designer color stamp cases, the ability to make stamps of photographic images and ink that dries quickly on many glossy papers are selling features for Stampcreator stamps.  The case color matches the ink color to catch the eye of your fashion conscious customers.  Full top index area makes it easy for the user to identify the information that the stamp will print.  Stamps are re-inkable and have an expected life of 50,000+ impressions (with regular reinking).  Not only is it fast and easy to make stamps with the Stampcreator system, you can be assured that you will be supplying a premium quality stamping device for your customer to use for many years to come!

Take a look at the simple process for making a high-quality pre-inked stamp:

System and Package
Stampcreator alone, or Stampcreator with package of startup materials
Stamps in boxes of Six
Six identically sized stamps with the same ink color. For fewer than six please order "Stamps in Single Packs"
Stamps in single packs
When fewer than six identical stamps are needed
Refill Inks, Draft Set, Xenon Lamp, ID Label Set
Marketing Materials
FREE items to help you sell stamps!